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I aim to be an advocate for my students. Universities can be mazes of bureaucracy where one can find oneself without adequate academic or social support. For this reason, I see caring for the well-being of my students in and outside of the classroom as one of my primary responsibilities. I am always happy to set up a meeting, exchange emails, or walk someone to university health services in order to connect my students with resources that will support their well-being. (Here, I take inspiration from Harry Brighouse's work on the the aims of education.)

 My instruction itself is guided by two primary objectives. First,  students should develop the skills necessary to critically engage with arguments and to construct their own. Second, they should develop the skills necessary not only to critically engage with arguments in the abstract, but also to engage with arguments as they are presented by  real people. My hope, then, is for students to develop the epistemic humility, charity, and willingness to engage in reasoning with others necessary for reasoning as a social practice and not just reasoning in isolation. I also aim for my students to cultivate the tenacity necessary to resist hopelessness in the face of our inevitable fallibility. (Here, I take inspiration from Kyla Ebels-Duggan's work on intellectual virtue.)

You can see some of my reflections on pedagogy here.

Current courses (at SFSU): 

The Moral Psychology of Love, Dependency, and Vulnerability (graduate)

Courses Taught:


Philosophy of Education (graduate)

Directed Readings (senior capstone)

Moral Attitudes (graduate)

Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl

Seminar in Philosophical Writing (graduate)

Ethics in Medicine (x3)

Feminist Moral Psychology (graduate)

Philosophical Issues in Artificial Intelligence (graduate)

at UNC- Chapel Hill

Introduction to Ethics 

Research Ethics (university-wide graduate seminar) 

Social Ethics and Political Thought

African American Political Philosophy 

Moral and Philosophical Issues in Education 

Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society


Syllabi available upon request.