Teaching Philosophy:

My instruction is guided by two objectives. First,  students should develop the skills necessary to critically engage with arguments and to construct their own. Second, they should develop the skills necessary not only to critically engage with arguments in the abstract, but also to engage with arguments as they are presented by  real people. My hope, then, is for students to develop the epistemic humility and willingness to engage in reasoning with others necessary for reasoning as a social practice and not just reasoning in isolation. 

As a philosopher of education, I am critically and constantly evaluating my teaching practices. You can see some of my reflections on proper pedagogical practice here.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Ethics (Syllabus)

Research Ethics (university-wide graduate seminar) (Syllabus)

Social Ethics and Political Thought (Syllabus)

African American Political Philosophy (Syllabus)

Moral and Philosophical Issues in Education (Syllabus)

Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society (Syllabus)


Taught as Teaching Assistant:

2019 Bay Area Feminism and Philosophy Workshop

 Photo taken by Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa 

Environmental Ethics

Critical Thinking

Letter from Durham Academy student


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