Photo taken by Alyssa LaFaro for Endeavors Magazine

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the philosophy department at UNC-Chapel Hill. 


At UNC, I received the  Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. In addition to teaching, I am very active in UNC's award-winning outreach program

My research is in ethics and social/political philosophy, with specific interests in philosophy of gender and philosophy of education. In my work, I analyze how we ought to understand and navigate the moral conflicts that arise among people in unjust circumstances. While I focus on particular duties and relationships between people – such as those between intimate partners and teachers and students – I also discuss how the moral conflicts that arise between people in unjust circumstances ought to affect our policies and institutions.

In my primary research project, I develop an account of the meaning and moral significance of domestic violence. I am also working on several other papers that don't fit into that project. Click here for more information on my current projects.


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