Outreach and Public Philosophy

In addition to teaching and practicing philosophy within my own classroom and research communities, I regularly engage in more public outreach. Right now, I serve as the faculty sponsor for Ethics Bowl at San Francisco State University. I am also founder and faculty sponsor for theBay Area chapter of Corrupt the Youth (for which I had the opportunity to work alongside the wonderful LaChanda Davis and Georgia Cutter during my time as co-director). Some (and only some!!) public philosophers whose work I look up to include Steve Swartzer, Jacki Alvarez, Briana Toole, Susan Brison, and Myisha Cherry


Before joining SFSU, I taught and practiced philosophy with retirement communities, first grade classrooms, in school suspension alternative programs, and other local organizations as part of UNC's Parr Center for Ethic's outreach program. While at UNC, I was also an active participant in the National High School Ethics Bowl, serving as a judge and case writer. In the 2016-2017 academic year, I was part of the inaugural cohort of Maynard Adams Fellows for the Public Humanities. I have also served as a mentor for the Compass Workshop for underrepresented undergraduate and terminal MA students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy. 


In 2018, Barry Maguire, Caleb Harrison, and I organized the UNC Public Philosophy Workshop, where we invited a group of wonderful philosophers to reflect on the meaning of public philosophy and to develop work that is accessible for a public audience. You can find our reflections on public philosophy here. You can also find David Johnson's reflections from the workshop here.