Outreach and Public Philosophy

In addition to teaching and practicing philosophy within my own classroom and research communities, I regularly engage in more public outreach. Right now, I serve as the faculty sponsor for Ethics Bowl at San Francisco State University. I am also the Chapter Director for the Corrupt the Youth Bay Area chapter.

As part of UNC's Parr Center for Ethic's outreach program, I taught and practiced philosophy with retirement communities, first grade classrooms, in school suspension alternative programs, and other local organizations. While at UNC, I was an active participant in the National High School Ethics Bowl, serving as a judge and case writer. As part of a university event inviting researchers to discuss local policy issues for a public audience, I also spoke on educational policy within North Carolina. In the 2016-2017 academic year, I was part of the inaugural cohort of Maynard Adams Fellows for the Public Humanities. I have also served as a mentor for the Compass Workshop for underrepresented undergraduate and terminal MA students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy.

In 2018, Barry Maguire, Caleb Harrison, and I organized the UNC Public Philosophy Workshop, where we invited a group of wonderful philosophers to reflect on the meaning of public philosophy and to develop work that is accessible for a public audience. You can find our reflections on public philosophy here. You can also find David Johnson's reflections from the workshop here.