My research is in ethics and social/political philosophy.


Right now, my primary research project gives an account of the meaning and moral significance of domestic violence. Some of my other projects include exploring how we ought to educate citizens in non-ideal circumstances, the moral significance of our social relationships, the different kinds of moral injuries individuals can suffer, and how we ought to evaluate students in institutions that benefit from their exploitation. 

Current Projects (click title for abstract):

The Meaning and Moral Significance of Domestic Violence

Civic Virtue for  Non-Ideal Circumstances

An Aristotelian Approach to Education in Non-Ideal Circumstances

Future Projects:

  • An account of the moral significance of our social relationships, more specifically the values and harms which they can realize.

  • A taxonomy of the different kinds of moral injury and damage individuals can suffer.

  • A feminist evaluation of Title IX policies and their support of victims of gender-based violence.

  • An account of the ethics of cheating in unjust institutions of higher education.


SFSU Email:

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